S10E03: 5 years of mobile (2010 - 2015)

This week the team look back 5 years to the devices and services of 2010. In that year Symbian and Blackberry began to falter, the iPad launched and some operators struggled to understand the rise of app stores.

We reminisce about the failure of the N97 and one Nokia executive's shockingly frank interview with Rafe (which caused a stir across the tech press). We remember the Microsoft Kin's 500 or so sales and Ewan missed his Blackberry Torch (with a slide-out keyboard). Ben also shares his 'first law of mobile', concerning the likely success of anything described as an 'operator consortium'.

If you enjoyed this episode, we previously reviewed 10 years of mobile in season 9.

Season 10 is also available to stream as audio on Youtube.