S07E07 - What would make you switch?

This week the team talk change and manufacturer's efforts to get us to change devices, platforms and even ecosystems. Ewan highlights an effort by Microsoft in the US to get Macbook Air owners to trade-in their laptops in favour of Surface tablets.

Conversation moves on to the wider challenges of switching and the increasing use of cloud services to 'lock' users in to ecosystems as 'stealing' customers becomes a prime way to grow in markets where the majority have a smartphone.


Ewan says he'd love to switch and an offer like Microsoft's would be the prompt he needs as switching could become an impulse purchase.

Rafe says it will be the long-term lock-in of your data in cloud services and the challenges of migration that will be the real lock-in. He even thinks regulators may intervene.

Ben says that special offers are nice, but that help with the effort of switching would be just as important.


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