S07E04 - Practical mobile security

This week the team consider security:

  • how to secure your devices;
  • keeping your data safe; and
  • how to achieve the right balance of security and convenience.

Special Guest

Terence Eden is a mobile consultant who's made a splash in the tech press and national media by (helpfully and responsibly) exposing failings in many UK government websites. He is, however, by day a mobile consultant and recently met-up with Ben to share his top 5 mobile security tips and offer a few recommendations on the kind of risks listeners should consider when thinking about mobile security.

He also makes a terrible joke about passwords.

The Chat

Ewan says he was 'phone jacked' some time ago - since then he's been more cautious about theft. He also recommends Cloak to secure WiFi hotspot use on iPhones and, following the recent Heartbleed bug uses a password manager.

Rafe says he's lost his fair share of devices too but recommends the 'find my phone' feature that all the major platforms have now. The one built-in to Windows Phone enabled him to recover a lost device at Mobile World Congress earlier this year - a place few lost phones are recovered.

Ben says he's guilty of having easy to use security settings available but often forgetting to turn them on. Ben recommends 1Password to create and store secure passwords and is recommending Apple's devices more and more following security issues with Google's Play Store.

The Survey

Tell us what you think - we'll report the results in a future episode. If you want to say more, drop us a comment!