S06E10 - All your letters

In the final episode of season 6 the team look back over all they've discussed. Starting with wearables and ending with apps they re-visit the topics that generated the most discussion over the season and share some previously un-heard comments:


  • Wearable devices have moved beyond motion sensors and we talk about a pulse sensor launched at CES built into some headphones.
  • Ben and Ewan don’t like the look of the new metal Pebble smart watch, but Rafe reminds us they’re still a very new niche product.
  • We review the need for wireless charging in bags or about your person. Rafe says newer versions of the Qi standard will enable this.


  • We discuss if it’s ‘OK’ not to like the Apple ecosystem (of course it is, personal preference is a legitimate choice as all the platforms mature).
  • We ponder who’s ecosystem (as a whole) is ‘in the lead’ and can’t decide but wonder if Android could be the ‘most incomplete’?
  • We inadvertently completely write-off Blackberry.

Tablets and Phablets:

  • Ewan believes he was right to recommend buying an iPad as a ‘first tablet’ and a listener agrees.
  • The team talk about replacing laptops with tablets and decide that, yes, quite a few people could. We consider that ‘cross-over’ devices like Rafe’s 2520 with a keyboard case might make the transition easier.
  • Ben’s not a fan of 12” tablets… “Imagine having to look at 4 Android apps at one time” he says (referring to Samsung’s CES offering that divides the screen into quarters).

Ben inadvertently describes places outside the UK as ‘odd’ (he doesn’t mean it though). Later, Ewan does an appalling Scottish accent.

App pricing:

  • The team agree apps are - often - under-priced and need ways to generate more income for developers and re-visit the idea of app subscriptions.
  • Rafe highlights Apple’s $10bn revenue last year from the app store to-date, describing it as ‘not that much’. Ben quotes an analyst’s opinion and tries to sound clever.

Rafe talks about listener Chris Martin’s app for Windows Phone: Shopper’s Calculator. Check it out and read his blog.

Nokia Android:

  • Rafe covers the basics again following even further leaks of screenshots and device renderers - this is/was/could-be a replacement for Series 40.

Mobile Blogging:

  • Lots of people have written in suggesting Ben doesn’t write-off Wordpress after recent improvements.
  • Ben mentions Roon.io as a simple (and mobile enabled) mobile blogging option and Posthaven which is Posterous clone by some of the original team behind the now-deduct platform.

Listener 'letters':

With so many contributors this week we do a live draw as we record... Listener Julie Alderson snags an HTC One for her question and going 'tablet only'.

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