S06E08 - Looking back, looking forwards

This week the team look back over the (mobile-related) highs and lows of 2013 and get excited about what 2014 will hold. 

Picks of 2013:

  • MacLeod: His EE Huawei 4G MiFi. It's big, fast, lasts all day and made working on the go all day a realistic prospect.
  • Blandford: Loves his Kindle Paperwhite. A small change (back lighting) has substantially enhanced this produce and he's rarely without it.
  • Smith: Mourns the 'death' of BlackBerry and says this was the year the firm failed to 'make it'.

Anticipated for 2014:

  • MacLeod: Wants something 'game-changing' but is sceptical anyone can deliver that in 2014. Perhaps it will be a quiet one?
  • Blandford: Anticipates a year of scrapping between enhanced mapping services - especially those using 3D scanning and similar advanced technologies.
  • Smith: Predicts a year of low-power bluetooth (and especially iBeacons-like location devices) and thinks 2014 will be the year where ‘mobile first’ becomes 'normal'.

Letter of the week from Steve Barker:

Wearable tech is fugly. Is there space for a fashion/luxury manufacturer outside of the  mobile market to incorporate smart features on a product we'd actually want to be seen wearing?

  • MacLeod: Ewan wants 'wearable' tech integrated into mainstream high-street fashion although he admits he’s not ‘a fashion guru’. He wonders if 2014 might be the ‘year of Google Glass’.
  • Blandford: Rafe loves his Pebble watch but acknowledges it’s not pretty. He highlights the Fitbit Flex and Misfit Shine as prettier wearables and expects - more broadly - connected cars may 'drive' consumer expectations.
  • Smith: Ben doesn’t think the fashion brands will break into tech, but predicts tech brands will continue to steal the fashion industry’s gurus. He wants a tech-enabled laptop bag but also wonders if the ‘connected (or smart) home’ might take off first.

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