S06E07 - A very 'appy Christmas

This week the team talk about the apps and services they use and recommend. What works well, what do we rely on for our own data and which apps don't get the recognition they deserve?

'Things of the week':

This week we talk about apps and services - what we use, what we recommend, why we change and how we make our decisions. Products and services mentioned are:

When Ewan's finished forgetting what Siri is called the team also recommend 3 'Christmas' apps:

  • MacLeod: Likes riding home from parties with Hailo and offers a discount code for first-time users: SAFECABHOME
  • Blandford: Likes listening to Christmas tunes via Nokia Mix Radio
  • Smith: Is thinking about wine - drinking it and then remembering it with Vivino

Listener's 'letters':

This week we only have one letter - the winner of another HTC One from O2. Jim Edwards asks (and complains, but mostly asks) about abuse of the term 'industrial design'. The team give their views...

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