S06E05 - Your best worst idea

This week the team revel in the terrible... the disappointing... the mis-fires and the hopelessly lost. We review 3 candidates for the good ideas that the mobile industry has managed to butcher. Which is your favourite lost cause?

'Things of the week':

  • MacLeod: Is using WhatsApp exclusively now... except for his mum... and the supermarket delivery person.
  • Blandford: Is anxious that - according to EE - 80% of customers haven’t used a phone box in more than 5 years and half of 18 to 24 year olds have never used one.
  • Smith: Ben is delighted that - despite him only mentioning it as recently as last episode - Three UK got the message about free roaming in the US and have launched it.

This week we talk about good things done badly - at the suggestion of Iain Wallace who wins this week's prize, an HTC One from O2:

  • MacLeod picks up on Iain's suggestion that laptops (and most other consumer electronics) disappoints by not integrating mobile networks or doing so very badly.

  • Blandford notes operators' inability to launch 'additional' services to take advantage of all the features of their networks or launch compelling web services.

  • Smith suggests it's mobile wallets that disappoint... especially in the UK. Despite all the trials, promises and promotions they just can't seem to launch.

Listener's 'letters' - 2 commenting on our security episode this week:

  • Alastair Harding highlights that loss of availability is just as much of a security threat as intrusion from hackers.
  • Jason Snowden highlights a report suggesting that avoiding online services ('going dark') may draw even more attention from suspicious authorities.

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