S06E04 - Can you keep a secret?

This week the team are talking security and privacy... In the light of recent revelations about mass internet data collection by intelligence agencies what can we learn about the safety of our internet use and (especially) our mobile data? Are we even aware of the data we generate?


'Things of the week':

Privacy and security:

  • Ben asks - in light of the Snowden revelations - we can ever know who is collecting our data.
  • Rafe points out it's impossible to really assess the risk your data is at in the cloud.
  • The whole team wonder exactly how much data is captured about our mobile phone use and who by.
  • Ewan isn't sure if he's really right to rely on his (paid-for) service providers to fix things for him.

Listener's 'letters':

  • Gavin Whyman commented on our travel episode to add an 11th rule we like.
  • Richard Yates asks about Blackberry OS 10.2.1 and Android apps.
  • Gavin Culverhouse offers some wish-list items for mobile travel apps, also in response to our travel episode.
  • Nick Robinson asks about Android 4.4 upgrades - do they really matter?
  • 'WINNER': Phil Mottershead gets this week's prize from Phones 4u for his question about managing work-life balance when always connected.

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