S06E03 - Absolutely Phablet-ulous

This week the team are talking 'phablets' - those odd hybrid devices that exist between phones and tablets. We never really believed they were a good thing and we certainly never believed they'd sell well but they are and they have... and we are slowly (grudgingly) coming 'round to the idea.

'Things of the week':

This week we talk phablets:

  • Rafe brings in the new Nokia 1520 and the older HTC One Max to show the listeners.
  • We all love the 1520's screen and the camera impresses too.
  • Ewan appreciates the larger battery of phablet devices we also note the benefits of making the user interface larger.
  • Rafe reports that phablet sales are strong and improving.
  • We wonder if you can use a phablet as a phone - do you want to hold it to your head?

Listener's 'letters':

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