S05E10 - Ask Us Anything

This week it's questions, questions, questions... We asked what you wanted to know and you told us!

We talk about the future of Nokia, multi-OS handsets, the cost of 4G, keyboards on smartphones, Samsung in 5 years and even how the team got together. Rafe Blandford also gets a hug 'from the listeners' - it's almost a touching moment. Almost.

Our thanks to Joseph Fallon, Spen Cross, themicrobins, Jim Hughes, David Jackson, Ewan Spence, Ashley Hendrick, Ow Kah Leong, Alexander Gödde, Andrew, Paul Stevenson, Gareth Evans, Shibesh Mehrotra, Jamie Holland, Joseph Fallon, Pedro Stephano and Dani for their questions - you can see the full list below.

Thank you to everyone who's supported us in Season 5. We'll be back in a few weeks after our late-summer break!