S03 E11 - End of Season 'Bonus Special'

In an end-of-season double-length 'bonus special*' we re-cap the topics covered in season 3, reflect on how those stories have developed and (crucially) argue about who was right over a few celebratory drinks.

* we think it's special

S03 E10 - Intel Inside or 'Shoulda got a Snapdragon'?

In the final episode of series 3 pause (briefly) to celebrate and then talk about Qualcomm's Uplinq event and the rise of the 'chipset brand'. Does it matter if a device has 'Intel Inside' or a 'Snapdragon'?

For listeners struggling with British slang at the beginning:

'Pop' = Soda 

'Sweeties' = Confectionary

S03 E09 - Connected Living

This week we talk about 'Connected Living' following Rafe's recent meet-up with the GSMA. We cover 3G trash cans, connected fridges, traffic monitoring cars and the potential for 'm-Health' in treating long-term conditions such as diabetes.

Ben's dubious about milk-ordering fridges and Ewan's impatient for his life to be more connected. Rafe notes it's an appealing new source of income for mobile operators.

For more information on the GSMA's programme see: http://www.gsma.com/connectedliving/

S03 E08 - Surface Surprise

This week the team discuss Microsoft's surprise announcement of the 'Surface' tablet, who's building it and why. We're split over the strategy and the impact on the firm's 'usual' hardware partners (and where this leaves Nokia), but in agreement on one thing - it's the first time we've been surprised by Microsoft for a long time.

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S03 E07 - 361 Live "Mobile Question Time" [Part 2]

Last week we held the first public '361 Live' event "Mobile Question Time" sponsored by Nokia and LBi at LBi's HQ on Brick Lane in London.

This episode is part 2 of 2 - you can hear part 1 in episode 6.

On the panel were:

  • Ed Hodges - Head of Mobile, Business & Commercial for Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • Mark Squires - Nokia's Head of Communications for Western Europe.
  • Stephen Pinches - Head of Emerging Technologies at the FT Group.
  • Ilicco Elia - Head of Mobile, LBi.
  • Rafe Blandford - Editor of All About Symbian and All About Windows Phone.

Ben chaired the session and Ewan handled questions.

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